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    We've been having some discussion in the Equipment Exchange forum about automatic clutches and how hard it is to get info on them here in the U.S.

    Here's the AutoClutch from Hand In Hand in Korea. It ties into the brake lights and the ignition/tach. Under about 1000 RPMs when it 'sees' current from the brake light it will push in the clutch. Once it is adjusted you can let off the brakes and the car will creep right along until it is revved up and then the clutch goes out the rest of the way. It works pretty well even on a low torque car like this rotary Mazda. The pump looks like a windshield wiper motor with a master cylinder on it. It plumbs into the clutch hydraulic system between the car's regular master cylinder and the slave cylinder. The car can still be driven normally with the clutch pedal with the AutoClutch in place. You adjust the clutch grab point and how fast it releases using the variable resistors on the board (blue and white dials on the right side of the board in the picture). I can post more info about this thing if there's interest. It took me a long, long time and a lot of research to find a system like this that I could afford.

    Here's the prices I got from Hand In Hand when I bought mine. They don't include shipping from Korea...

    1. Cable type clutch under 1,300cc engine : USD251-/set
    2. Hydraulic type clutch above 1300cc engne : USD297-/set <--this is what I am using in my Rx3
    3. Cable type for above 2.5 tonage trucks : USD446-/set

    I'll post some better pictures after I lay this Thanksgiving turkey to waste. It was hard for me to understand how the system worked until I actually saw the kit and read the manual a few times. I'll post the soft copy of the manual I have and some really good pictures of the what the kit consists of.

    Before anyone goes into this I want to say that while installing this system is pretty simple, just wiring and a few flared tubes, adjusting it takes a lot of time. However the manufacturer is very, very supportive once he knows you are serious. There's a bit of a language barrier but he is patient and really knows the system.

    The Hand In Hand website is not very good but here it is

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    roller showed me this cool automatic clutch system which is from TC Systems in the Netherlands. It's computer looks a little bit more sophisticated than the AutoClutch from Korea but it is also quite a bit larger and has to connect to the actual clutch pedal while the Autoclutch plumbs into the car's clutch hydraulic system. Two ways to do the same thing.
    TC Systems Clutchmate

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    The very cool Duckclutch from Guido Simplex.
    Since you modulate the clutch with the trigger it is probably a little easier to adjust.
    But I have never set one up or seen one in real life.

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    This Alfred Bekker automatic clutch is very cool too.
    I think that it probably works a lot like the Hand In Hand system I have but the Alfred Bekker system has a couple of different memory settings. So it can let the clutch out slower for hills and then be set back to the flat setting.

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    Thanks for posting the info. When you said it took a long time to get the Korean system to work properly, how long of a time, and what was causing the problem(s)? Also, how well does the Korean system work if you come to a stop sign and it is on an incline/hill? I think the drivematic system also connects into the speedometer sensor, so it knows when the car is moving.
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    I think the duck clutch that you show would be great if mounted on the hand control. They are for sale in this country, but the company asks QUESTIONS.
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    Joe, the main problem I had with getting the Korean system to work was from my own inexperience. The place where I mounted the system's motor made it very hard to completely bleed (it is hydraulic). Not knowing it still had air in it I was looking everywhere and double checking everything trying to make it stay in adjustment. So it took a few days to install the system but it took at least a month to get it to work reliably because of the air it had in it. If you've bled brakes and clutches you know to pump fluid out until you don't get any air. That's what I was doing but I'd get clear fluid, get it all adjusted, drive the car and it'd go out of adjustment. I wasn't sure if it wasn't getting the right RPM signal (car is a rotary), or the master cylinder was moving too far or what since I had never successfully installed one or even seen one work previously. So I was checking and rechecking everything all the while not thinking to try bleeding it again. Finally I emailed the manufacturer and he said he thought it still had air in it and he was right.

    The Korean system does have a variable resistor which is mounted on the dash and I think could be used if you had to stop on a hill. I avoid stopping on a steep hill. For instance I would never take my car to San Francisco.

    Have you seen any prices for the Duck Clutch?
    What kind of questions to do they ask?

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    Joe, here's a copy of the manual for the Korean Autoclutch.
    At times it is pretty hard to understand because of the language. Maybe it didn't translate from Korean perfectly.

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    Thought we would have had more chat on here by now Skippo, Christmas wish lists and all

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    Here is a screen shot of a response I got from asking about the duck clutch from Guidosimplex. Their USA dealer for this was/is Ride-Away Handicap Equipment Corporation, 54 Wentworth Avenue, Londonderry, NH 03053. Note that all this was in 2011.

    Well getting the pic to show up is not cut and paste. Note that their responses immediately follow my questions.

    Sent: Sunday, November 13, 2011 10:30 PM
    To: Gianni P
    Subject: RE: Question about the Electronic Clutch - from USA


    Right now I am just investigating the use of the Duck Clutch or whatever you call it, and have some questions.

    1) Are there any dealers in XX? I am in XXXXXXXXX No at the moment but we are in the process of establishing one there.

    2) How hard is it to install? The trained certify technician can install it easy.

    3) How long to install? It depends from the vehicle..2/3/4 days

    4) Who can install it, dealer only? or a competent mechanic? Just the Guidosimplex certify technician

    5) What is the cost? From $6500 to $8000 depending from the vehicle

    6) Have you ever installed it in a Ford Ranger? I will have to check the record

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.

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