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Thread: ADA requirements for a residential building?

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    ADA requirements for a residential building?

    Hello - I'm in the process of hopefully buying a condo. There is covered garage parking with assigned spaces, as well as guest parking outside. Right now there is 1 handicapped spot in the garage and two outside, which are unassigned. I'm not sure yet if the covered spot is taken by a resident or not (it isn't numbered) but does anyone have experience with this where they live? If it is currently taken, is there anything in the ADA that requires another spot for me to be created?

    I know I've seen permit parking on the street which I assume you file with the city but I'm unclear on how the ADA covers non-commercial buildings. Thanks in advance.
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    I'm fairly sure that this would be covered by the FHA (Fair Housing Act) because it is a non public area. The "assigned" hc spot you mentioned that is in the garage would not count as a handicapped spot, because it is assigned. You could request a reasonable accommodation. If there is an association, they would have to help you. If not, then you can file a complaint. I would ask first. Maybe someone would be willing to let you have that spot. You never know.

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    i had the same situation. i asked the owner of a parking spot at the end of a row if he would be willing to swap spots. he was more than happy to do that. it was just a few spots away from mine so it was no big deal for him. we didn't change the numbers or anything, it's just a verbal agreement between us.

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    I'm hoping it could be a simple solution like yours Micah.

    I found out today the spot inside the garage is not assigned, it's first come first serve. So I'm waiting to hear back if I can get that spot assigned to me, and have them make another handicapped spot. I'll look into the FHA Sugarcube, I'm basically asking here for any advice if they give me a hard time so I know what recourse I have. I won't lose this place because of a parking spot!
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