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    Hey - has anyone put a 17 inch cushion in a 16 inch chair? I have a 15 1/2 inch cushion and my fat thighs hang over. So I'm thinking I could whittle down the 17 inch to fit in my 16 inch chair - good or bad idea.
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    I trimmed 2 inches off both sides of a Stimulite cushion and ordered a new cover, no problem.
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    Cushion, like Supracor, is cut to whatever size you want. Cutting the cushion will depend on how the cushion is constructed. You cannot cut an air inflatable cushion. Supracor are even cut with taper based on construction of chair - if taper in frame.

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    I use an 18" Stimulite on my 17" TR3. I had to install some spacers on my side covers and sag my seat sling a little to make it fit well. I like a little curve in my seat. After all, my butt isn't flat. The bad part, there is now very little clearance between my side covers and wheels. But it works. I could add a little width by widening my camber tube with spacers, but I like to keep my chair as narrow as possible. You may be able to just jam in a 17" on your 16" chair. Whatever works for you.

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    Bread knife or an electric carving knife is the magic for cushion cutting.

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