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    Question Christmas present input

    So it's this time of year again, Christmas presents.
    I've been thinking about what to give my wife for Christmas. And I came up with something I think she might really enjoy.
    She is my main caregiver, voluntarily and by her her choice I must say. But after 2 years I would like to give her a break. So I thought I'd give her a spa weekend, 2 days away from me with a friend. I've cleared it with my aides already, they'd cover a weekend.
    But while I'm sure she'd enjoy the spa I'm not certain how receptive she'll be to a weekend away from me. She's never expressed the wish/need for a break and we are very honest and open with eachother.
    I'm quite possibly overthinking the whole of it . But what do you guys think, is this a good idea?
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    It sounds like a great idea to me, assuming that she would enjoy a weekend away before you were injured. If you have doubts, give her a certificate that says she can choose a spa weekend with a friend, and then pay for it when she decides when to go...
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    As a Navy Veteran I am eligible for respite care at my local VA hospital. I usually go for 7-10 days which gives my wife plenty of time for herself, while she knows I am being well cared for. She normally takes few days for a trip with our daughter or a friend. We find this is good for both of us.

    I was a bit difficult for her to agree to my going to respite care, but now it has become part of our routine.

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    My wife has always enjoyed getting away even while I was independent. I think most wives do. Does she have a close friend that she would like to go with for a couple of days? You might give her the option of going alone to spend two days in a jacuzzi reading or whatever. Also, she may not want to pick one friend over others. Is the spa nearby? If it is is should be a minimal worry. The fact is you are going to have to manage on your own if she gets sick or something. Getting away and enabling you to function on your own should ease any worries she might have when such a situation arises. I think it is a great idea.
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    Thanks guys for the input.
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    I'm a caregiver wife for 5 years and I think it's a very kind and thoughtful gift. Maybe just make sure if you do the choosing of the place and dates that she can change it if it does not suit her or she wants to go with someone.
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    yes, do it. She will enjoy it more than you think.

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