Great advice. Thanks.

I am going to go out to Jamba Juice and get a protein shake for my son later today. They put him back in the temporary brace since it was more comfortable, but we would like him to get the courage up to get back in the custom brace. Since it is Thanksgiving, I don't think I can get adjustments today.

On that note, Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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No spinal orthosis (brace) is designed for comfort. Hopefully they can make some minor adjustments for comfort, but the point of the brace is to hold the spinal bones and hardware in alignment for proper healing while allowing rehabilitation to proceed. Most people wear these for 3 months, and it must be on when the head of the bed is raised or the person is out of bed. Most people go home from rehab still wearing their brace, and this may limit self care activities such as self bowel care (but we often can work around this with adaptive equipment). It is better than the old days when people were on total bed rest for 4-5 months while their backs healed!!

He can achieve optimal vertebral (bone) healing by 1) eating well (high protein), 2) wearing his brace at all times, 3) avoiding NSAID medications for pain (interfere with bone healing) and 4) not using any tobacco products.