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Thread: Umbrella holder for manual chairs?

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    Umbrella holder for manual chairs?

    With the drought in Cali, this hasn't really been on my mind, but given the recent downpour we (finally!) had here in the Bay, it's been on my mind again. I usually am able to get by sticking my lower half into a large trash bag, and using a highly water resistant hooded jacket, but, this recent bout of rain managed to completely soak through even that. My mom was showing me some umbrella holder baby stroller attachments, which got me wondering - is there anything like that for us folks in chairs? Perhaps something we could attach to the back seat stabilizer bar, or, say, the little stretch of metal that extends from the front of your seat, before the bend down to the footrest (I forget the term for this)?

    I had this silly makeshift holder that I secured with LOTS of velcro, made out of PVC pipe for a while. That... didn't work so well.

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    No real practical way to use an umbrella in a manual chair. I would instead look at some of the wheelchair rain ponchos that are on the market. They also make a bag type device for protecting your legs. Here are a couple of examples: (this one is in the UK, with prices in pounds)


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    Would a cane/crutch holder of some kind work? (Just thinking out loud. I never tried it).

    I do have a Frogg Toggs motorcycle rain suit, which I stand up to put it on. Yet in a real downpour, my legs still get soaked. Remember to protect your feet, too. I wear waterproofed, slip-on work boots.
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    not sure if this is in your budget, but i seen the moto gp racers use this type of umbrella holder !!
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    ok all kidding aside can you retrofit the baby stroller adapter ? ive used baby stroller cup holders in the past. ive also during the summer seeing railing mounts for umbrellas in the outdoor section of some stores that can easily modified to mount on a rail like frames of a wheelchair ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by GJ2 View Post
    not sure if this is in your budget, but i seen the moto gp racers use this type of umbrella holder !!
    Whatever I buy I try to consider the environmental impact of buying something that is wrapped up in excessive packaging and choose the option with less wrapping where possible. I would never have guessed that moto gp riders felt the same about environmental issues.

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    Gotta love the paddock girls..

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    Here's one although coverage is limited:

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