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Thread: Considering leg amputation for easier caregiving/ costs

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    A CC member from Colorado had his amputated as he said they were useless and weighing him down. I cannot say it is right or wrong. I know I want to keep what I have, even those parts that don't work at all. It is understandable you are concerned about the costs of care you and your family are experiencing. Amputation is not a guarantee of lower costs. Should you experience a complication (re: infection), it could a more costly decision. Before you head for a surgeon's office, you might talk to your area CIL and re-think your options for care. Are you utilizing a lift like a Hoyer? Whatever you decide, I wish you the best.

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    The legs, even when paralyzed provide a source of balance. It's something related to physics. You will fall every which way without them. I know I would. If you don't have any gangrene type infections or other major complications, I vote for keeping them.

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