I am new to the site and like many of us have more questions than answers. First order of business - is to determine if I am posting on the proper forum. I have been diagnosed with a spinal cord infarct with myelomalacia (a term I don't see mentioned to often). Damage likely a delayed reaction to head/neck trauma years earlier. Neurosurgeon called it "snake eyes" "cord attack" prior to emergent decompression and fusion in 2011. I have a lot going on that is very complex, confusing and defies answers. I am ambulatory with (with difficulty) - very spastic gate at times and have normal bladder and bowel function - but seem to have plateaued and have significantly declined past eight months or so. I likely have "co-morbid" and am trying to "teas out - what is SCI and what is not.

I have had access to very good -medical and rehab care. However my presentation seems to be unusual - or they just don't see this in their "clinic" very often. It seems to me that "ischemia" / scarring of my cord might be playing havoc with my function. So, if i am in the correct forum, then I will proceed to be more descriptive of my condition, challenges and questions. This is an incredible resource with vast knowledge of the "users" - Thank you

Respectfully submitted - Benjyh