Hi All,

I was diagnosed with spinal cord stroke in 2007. No known cause. Since then, I have had a baby boy. He was presenting with acidosis and his been diagnosed with a mutation of his tRNA Ser (1) Gene, nucleotide #7497. This is a part of his mitochondrial DNA. Since this DNA is passed down maternally, I have it too. The metabolic specialist believes that it is highly likely that I did not suffer a stoke, but rather a "stroke like episode" that caused my spinal cord infarction. This DNA mutation is known to cause "stoke like episodes" including spinal cord stroke he said.

I just wanted to see if anyone has ever heard about this before. I don't remember reading anything about spinal cord stroke and DNA mutations on this forum. Has anyone with a spinal cord stroke had their DNA tested for mutations?

Thanks for the info.