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Thread: Foam Push Rims?

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    Foam Push Rims?

    I'm looking for a good deal on 24" foam push rims. I use to buy them $110 from sportaid but they no longer sale them. I've found a few places online that want to rob you blind for them $175 to $260+. That's outrageous. Any suggestions as to where I can find them for about $110? Or does anybody know where I can get them resurfaced? Here's an example

    I've tried vinyl and even ponied up big bucks for the push blax a few years back and both lose grip. I'm not willing to try q-grip's because I fell for the higher priced alternative before (push blax) and foam was always better. They never lose grip. They do get damaged easier but I'd rather have long term grip.

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    I also use and like the foam covered handrims. I gotta tell you, if you can get them for $ it. Pushblax tore up my hands, the vinyl coated handrims suck and spending $250 for the unknown and untested (by me) Q-Grips seems like a crap shoot.

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    pushblax always here. never tried qgrips. maybe try their doublestuff. rep
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