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Thread: FS: Wheelchairs, bed and more

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    FS: Wheelchairs, bed and more

    My husband w/ ALS died this week. We are selling big-ticket items and donating the rest. The location is Seattle.

    Items for sale include Invacare manual wheelchair (22x20 seat), Permobil M300 20x22 cushion chair w/ Roho cushion + all power functions, Devilbiss 7305 suction machine, 36x84 hospital bed w/ Linak motor, all power including bidirectional tilt.

    Also many supplies such as Sage wipes, pillows, wheelchair and other cushions, foam, XLT-6X clothing, wheelchair ponchos, etc. that are free to a patient that needs them.

    Please e-mail me directly: Lmgelb [at] gmail

    Best to everyone.

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    my condolence on your husband

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    Invacare manual and Permobil power wheelchair

    Both in Seattle. Owner had ALS.

    Invacare 9000XDT, 22x20" seat, adjustable arms, push handles, XL footplates, seat belt, 21.5" STF height. Easy to fold, lift into car. Some rim scuffs, all works fine. 30" total width. 3.5y old but only used for a year. $200

    Permobil M300, 20x22" seat, 500 miles, all four power functions with attendant control installed on back, 4" Roho cushion and Roho back, Bock arm troughs. Lateral and thigh supports. Stealth headrest w/ side support. One owner, bought new in 2011. Includes installed battery, charger, extra backs/cushions, gel liners for troughs, additional head rest, tools, manual. A few scuffs but perfect working condition. Battery 11 mos. old. $2500

    lmgelb at gmail
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    I sold my mother's C300 Permobil on Craig's List for $3000 3 years ago. Have you tried that??


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    Yup, have an ad up now. No serious responses.

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