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Thread: Spinal cord injury may cause brain damage

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    Spinal cord injury may cause brain damage

    They must talking when the accident happened. Because after many years of our accident none of us here have brain problem.

    Spinal cord injury may cause brain damage Indo Asian News Service | IANS India Private Limited/Yahoo India News ? 7 hours ago

    New York, Nov 15 (IANS) Spinal cord injuries (SCI) may cause progressive brain degeneration, says a new research.
    They can cause widespread and sustained brain inflammation that leads to progressive loss of nerve cells, with associated cognitive problems and depression, the findings showed.
    "Our studies for the first time show that isolated SCI can cause progressive loss of brain cells in key brain regions," said lead researcher Alan Faden from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in the US (UM SOM).

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    While I at 42 years post accident can say the bends (Caissons Disease) caused partial damage to my spinal chord and the sheath covering of the nerves themselves. In 1972 the treatment i received was immediate Recompressing in a chamber, but no follow up at all, and evidently none medically recommended.

    However, over the years my loss of leg power, pain, and trunk strength has become more evident. Aside complaining to my GP at regular physicals and check ups, including my VA physical and getting a test here and there I only have been able to find and understand that my physical strength is deteriorating, starting a slow pace and increasing as time marched on. The medical system and the doctors who treated me were of litle or no use at all. This theory of a partial SCI and a relationship to brain damage is likely the culprit.

    I will say because of my own stubbornness and the need to support myself and my Family I found gainful employment that I could physically do and made it to age 65 and retirement on Social Security as well as a moderate pension from my last employment which makes us fairly financially secure. But I in a self supplied wheelchair.

    I do believe there is more than a simple passing relationship between SCI and deteriorating damage to the brain.
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    Says progressive so SCI, not trauma that also caused SCI. Not the drugs as used animals.
    I think pain messes you up. Would like legal weed in AU.

    Noted some growing up with spina bifida not good at maths.

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