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Thread: Equipment for Quadriplegic

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    Equipment for Quadriplegic

    My husband passed & I have lots of equipment. I have a hoyer, a roll in shower chair, commercial mic, 2 electric wheel chairs, a table for eating in bed
    voice act equipment for tv, radio , dvd , lights. I have a desk table I had riser built for, so he could pull up & use the computer. I have a rowho seat pillow
    a whole box of plug in control to use with the wheel chair & I have a brand new battery for wheelchair. There are so many items to send pics for all
    If interested in seeing something, email or call 330-554-6417 I'm in Ohio

    Thanks for your time.


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    I am so sorry for your loss.

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    Moving must sell 2 power wheelchairs $1,500 and lots of other equipment

    Husband passed, must move & down sizing. He was a quadriplegic with movement from neck up. He drove the chair with his head doing taps. 1 chair is a Invacare Storm series TDX was $43,000
    Other chair Invacare Arrow 2GTR $38,000 If you have a loved one in this condition these items can make their life easier. Items 2 Roho cushions 2 Chair chargers, Invacare hoyer Shower chair
    & bed table. If shipping is a problem we maybe able to deliver to you. I have pics of all these items. Just call 330-673-2551 Or email

    Thank you


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