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Thread: Bowel Program Ruining My Life!?

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    Exclamation Bowel Program Ruining My Life!?

    Over the 17 yrs of my injury (C5/6) my program has gotten increasingly more painful physically and mentally. I try to do it every other day with magic bullet and miralax to aide, but it usually ends up wasting most of my day. The problem isn't so much during 1-1.5 hr. program w/ dig but the 3-4hrs of butt pain afterwards. I don't have regular feeling but very sensitive nerves and it feels like the devil has shoved a flaming hot & jagged poker up my anus... pain usually starts towards end of program. After visiting colo-rectal dr. & even a pelvic flloor specialist (who says my pelvis has dropped!?) I've tried everything hemorroid cure to lydocain to anti-spasm meds to doing it in bed (which I hate but seems to help a bit) on and on.

    I'm giving up hope it will ever get better and feeling this life with paralysis + nerve pain + program +++ = unsustainable for much longer

    Help Please!?

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    Think about a colostomy, several have had it done and say it has changed their lives-

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    C 5/6 too, 14 yrs. Bowel routine was normally ok; approx 1 hour, 3 days / week for 9yrs, with senekot, ducolax, glycerin suppository.
    Had a colostomy because of colon cancer, and while I probably wouldn't have considered it otherwise, it is without doubt easier (self managed) and more predictable.

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    I switched from MB's to Enemeez. I would get a burning pain, not a sharp thing but a "slow roast" type, I think came from the "afterburn" effect, the mucous discharge that would come an hour later, even using 1/2 of a MB. Now, I check for stool, if there I use an Enemeez, only needing a 5 minute "soak" before doing stim. Boom, done, and no laggy discharge. Pain seems to be less, maybe just due to much shorter program time, or maybe my imagination who knows. But works for me.
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    I don't know if my body could handle another abdominal surgery? After Raz bladder pouch I had small bowel obstruction and my digestion can't handle 90% of foods. Plus I'm exhausted just from fighting thru pain etc don't know if I would 'make' it?

    I've also been thinking of doing program only 1-2x/week thru nutrition+exercise but not sure it's possible.

    Thx 4 the input.
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    I am also c6-c7 . fought the bowel program like you until I was very suicidal . ruined my day , then barley recovered , time to do again . Had a colostomy done . Swear to you best thing I ever done . My ass feels great , numb but great . Trust me its worth it . I was 52 years old when I had it done . Very nervous about the stigma of it all , but this went away very fast . No smell , easy to manage , by yourself , no fingers up my ass any more .

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    I would also recommend trying Enemeez instead of the Magic Bullet, but when I see a pattern such as yours, we often recommend an elective colostomy. It is not really that big of a surgery, when done by a good colorectal surgeon, and can alleviate many of the problems you are having.


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    try a digital with 5% lidocaine gel 1st to knock down the pain nociceptors

    wait 5 mins before insertion of suppository

    many rx plans don't consider it "generic", medicare part d plans charge more for it

    I pay about $130 for 3 month supply, using it every daY

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    I'm C-4/5 25 years post doing every 3rd day bowel program with senokot/magic cleanse the evening prior and magic bullet in the morning after range of motion. The best thing that helped me is utilizing nitro paste during my program to bring blood pressure under control. The elevated blood pressure during the program aggravates my intestines and butt. It has made a world of difference for me. Other things that help is diet, lots of water and probiotics (kefir, Kombucha & lacto-fermented veggies).

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    Have been injured for 29 years and decided to get a colostomy in 2006, had get the bowel program every other day. Suppositories suck, a finger up your butt (in a nonsexual way :-)), and it changed my whole life. My showers went from 2-3 hours down to 45 min.! It's totally worth it, plus it's reversible if you don't like it (which I know you will)
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