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    assistive tech

    Hi, I'm a C4/5 quadriplegic, and have been living independently for the past 5 years in an apartment. I currently have a lock-box that my attendants use to access the key to my apartment each morning. I have an automatic door, however my remote will not open the door from my bedroom. When in bed, I am unable to communicate with someone at the door, or open it for someone who doesn't already know the lock-box code. Is there a setup that would allow me to see who is at the door, and remotely unlock my door? Again, this would be for an apartment, so I would prefer the amount of modifications to be minimal.

    Also, I currently control my tv while in bed through my iphone, but once I turn the tv off through the phone, I am unable to turn the tv back on, as it no longer receives the signal from my phone. Is there a way around this, other then using the tv remote?

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    you can add a "Wireless Remote Control" to open the automatic door.
    The coverage bedroom to access main door should be No problem (apartment).

    Remote "Intercom with Video" communicate to access main door.

    More option in the market, depend your budget.

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