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Thread: Winter is Coming. Where You Going?

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    Cool Winter is Coming. Where You Going?

    Hello my fellow crips! Winter is coming. Where you going?

    Anyone discover a hidden Mexico or Caribbean resort gem that, in addition to the usual amenities one looks for, was wheelchair friendly?

    For those of us seeking such information, we at CC, are each others best source and resource of accessible travel destinations.

    Post away!

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    My wife and I plan cruises in the Carribean. We go out of fort Lauderdale. Great port, free parking for wheelchair users and always warm. You can't go wrong. try Allure of Seas. Great ship and Huge. Islands like St. martin and St. Thomas are great. Wheelchair friendly and you can go out on boats to dive or snorkel. Its so big you never have to worry about crowds or traffic jams. Plus the pools are fresh water and easy to get in and out of.

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    Going to the Playa Viva resort on the west coast of Mexico in December. Unfortunately it is not wheelchair accessible, but it is an eco-resort. I have been before, so really looking forward to it.


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    I took a Caribbean cruise last January on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas. Best vacation ever [since my accident]! Extremely accessible. I'll spend as much time in my beach house in MX this winter as my schedule allows. [although winer in AZ really isn't].
    Rick Goldstein
    GO! Mobility Solutions

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    Going to Vegas & Grand Canyon with my PT/good friend(make that GREAT friend!). She was able to hook me up w/free airfare as her husband was an exec at Jetblu. Going to see Cirque du Soleil Beatles Love show then Grand Canyon. I haven't had a vacation since my 1981 accident and the few times I did fly was either for work or medical reasons so I'm *really* looking forward to this!
    Dan G. in CT

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    Leaving friday for a cruise out of Tampa to start the season then back to the igloo for xmas then off again then having a theraputic swimming pool installed in the spring with buddy seats that have back massage jets in them weeeee.

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    Sounds nice. Any poor souls here from Buffalo, NY? Hope safe and sound.

    Cruise life appeals to me big time. Wife - Not so much. Any pics goldnucs or air ohs appreciated. Especially the bathroom. (You know how it is :-( )

    We went to Secrets in Montego bay, Jamaica. Grounds, restaurants, room all accessible (or mostly) and the staff are great. My only complaint, for a newer hotel, is the lack of ceiling type lift in the accessible room like all the Vegas hotels have.

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    Go to Cruise Critic or directly to Royal and they give you all the measurements. As long as you request a Handicap room, you are all set. The bathrooms are full turnaround. I never have a problem. Balaconies have a ramp to go in and out. Plenty of room but make sure you get a handicap room. As Goldnucs mentioned Oasis is great and also like Allure . The biggest and most accessible ships. You would really enjoy them. Best of luck.

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    For cruise lines, RCCL is good for accessibility, but don't limit yourself to that cruise line. Princess, Holland America, and Celebrity also have very good accessible cabins and ships. Stick to ships built in the last 15 years, and yes, you MUST have a wheelchair accessible cabin. You cannot use a regular cabin as the doors are too narrow, there is a step up into the tiny bathroom, and there is not sufficient room in the cabin to navigate in a wheelchair or even a walker. Lots of photos available on-line, and from the cruise lines. I will try to post a few examples when I have time.

    You are not going to find a ceiling lift on a ship though. We always traveled with our own travel-style lift, and stored it in the roll-in shower when not in use.


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