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Thread: Choosing my second chair

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    Can you post a side shot of your chair without you in it? Your back angle might be a bit too reclined.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ace8hd View Post
    . . . One thing I did want to ask was why rsh (rear seat height I believe) being as low as possible is so desirable to everyone here. . . .
    RSH is actually set according to a research paper (attached) that determined the best elbow-angle range for optimal pushing (see highlight on page six of attachment). Because determining elbow angle is a bit tricking, clinicians identified a rule of thumb that works pretty well: when seated properly, and arms hanging down naturally, middle finger tips should touch the axle centers.

    Seat-Height propulsion effects highlighted.pdf

    Your RSH actually appears slightly low.
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    I'd agree thathat I feel my chair back is too reclined and when I'm sitting at my desk I normall
    y move it forward to the next setting but I am to unstable to wheel around in that position.

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