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    Not here much, but Donno mentioned the picture thread I had a while ago. I've downsized my photo gear again so I can manage it and took a few fall pics I'd like to share. out my back door the sunrise through the trees and on the tree tops was inspiring not gallery good but made me feel good


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    Glad you are posting photos again. The fall colors are great. I miss the color in the northeast. We have mostly pine and oak trees around here. They are pretty boring in the fall.
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    Thanks for posting your lovely photos. I had missed seeing your pics recently. Keep it up!


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    Stunning photo's. Thanks for sharing.
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    Yes, Ket, stunningg pics!
    Where were they taken?
    I miss the water-theres not many accessible shorelines, it seems.

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    I am glad you brought this feature back, thank you.
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    The second one looks like Virginia creeper and poison ivy.

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    new one

    been a while, hope everyone is well

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