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Thread: Use Roku from Your PC to play movies, shows and music on your TV.

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    Use Roku from Your PC to play movies, shows and music on your TV.

    I am a quadriplegic and have Roku. With that said, I can use a Roku remote on my PC and play all the movies and music I want. Such as Netflix, Amazon prime and YouTube among others.. If anyone else is interested, I'd be glad to put together a guide. Well just let me know guys and gals.
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    A guide would be great I would like to see how it's done.

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    Okay, I'll make of this guide relatively short and if people need more help. I'll get in depth..
    It's actually pretty simple. First you will want to download Remoku at
    Scroll down and there are several options

    For browsers, Remoku is in available in the following forms:
    Chrome Extension

    Firefox Add-on

    Opera Extension

    Internet Explorer

    Plain website :-)

    I chose the Google Chrome extension as that is a browser I use. It should just take a minute to install. You should see a R logo added to your browser toolbar. You will then click on the icon and select settings. It will ask you for your Roku IP address.. You will need to get this from your Roku. Here is a short video on obtaining your IP address

    Once you have the IP address specified in Roku. You will specify that in the Remoku settings tab. Where it says "Control This Roku". After you have entered it should detect your Roku and show you a remote control.. From there that should allow you to use your Roku with all the programming options
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    Warning! You can also play Angry Birds.

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