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Thread: Weightlifting quad gloves and other adaptive devices

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    Weightlifting quad gloves and other adaptive devices

    As I'm moving up in weight, some things are becoming more difficult as a quad. I use the active hands gloves for grip. They work quite well but with things like curls, it is hard to roll the wrist all the way up. I'm thinking a splint type aid that could be added to the glove would be great. It would extend from the wrist to just below the knuckle to keep the wrist flat, anybody tried anything like this?

    Stabilizing the trunk is the other main issue. My friend who assists me sometimes holds my shoulders in place from front or back. I'm thinking possibly a theraband with handles may be useful, or maybe a wedge behind my lower back. Any tricks would be greatly appreciated.
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    I use the Reebok thumb weights to do cardio. The loop around the thumb helps the weight stay around my wrist/hand and not travel up my forearm. The problem with them is they don't come in heavy weight (I think 2lbs is the highest) so I use them to throw punches and upper cuts and other movements to get my heart rate up and burn some calories.

    The problem of balance or stabilizing my trunk I solved by parking on an uphill incline. I usually park my chair facing up hill on my driveway which is pretty steep. This position helps to throw me back in my chair and make my balance much easier with the weights on. You could park on a ramp or even have someone build you a wooden ramp to work out on.

    Give it a try I think you will see it's much easier to keep your balance.
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    These hand grips work great.

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    Thanks darty I haven't seen them, but what I'm trying to figure out is grip and stability for exercises using weight like as much as 30lb dumbbells and 50-60lb barbells. The idea of an uphill decline is interesting.

    Rainman yes I use them, but I still find them to be a bit unstable when doing motions like curls when the weight gets heavy. I'd like to keep my wrist straight and bent back.
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    You could try just getting some simple wrist splints from CVS or target. They can be a little bulky under the gloves so be sure to get thinner ones but work pretty well and stabilizing the wrist and keeping it extended during exercise.

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