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A very nice website and thorough as far as where the money is focused. I can't find any clue if the research areas are directed by the board and scientific panel or if the donors get to direct their funds. I think they are similar to other organizations in that they make you aware of what they fund. They are certainly better funded than some and have a more thorough description of their research. They have not disclosed the level of funding on each project. Have you been able to influence what research they do? Do you agree with every project they list? Do you give to them?
You can find where the money is focused in the gudelines for funding applications. I believe the scientific advisory board has proposed the guedelines to WFL board who takes the final decision on everything.

If you look at the guidelines for application you will see they say:
"Besides the translational aspect another preference is given to projects which focus also on chronic spinal cord injury"


That was a result of a conversation me and others have had with them.

I do not agree with every project they have supported, but they do better than average I think.

I do not donate directly to them, but I have promoted the World Run and others things that in the end drive money to them.