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Thread: Antibiotic resistant bug

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    Those who know, should I take Hiprex even if I am colonized and fighting the development of a full blown infection? Would it help fight off the infection or should I wait?
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    Quote Originally Posted by paramoto View Post
    Those who know, should I take Hiprex even if I am colonized and fighting the development of a full blown infection? Would it help fight off the infection or should I wait?
    Unless your doctor has prescribed it for this bout of infection, I wouldn't take it, until you talk with the doctor. Should not be taken if taking a sulfonamide (Bactrim or Septra). Urine must be acidic when taking Hyprex.

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    The bug is resistant to bactrim, my urine is very acidic. Hiprex is not known in my area, but it is possible that the ID doctor knows about it, but I will not see him until monday. I am trying not to take antibiotics until I see the iD doctor. Will hiprex in any way aid in the development of resistant bacteria?
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    I had an experience just like the one you are going through. I picked up a bug while having an x-ray done. I had an abrasion on my wrist, the next day it was infected and infection was spreading up my forearm. I was given an antibiotic for it and it went away but that's when I began having urinary tract infections. So, yeah, you can pick up bacteria that turns to infections in a healthcare facility. I would do like GJ recommends and try to find a good urologist. The primary care and infectious disease physicians that I was seeing couldn't treat me. I ended up in the hospital with sepsis and damaged kidneys. The doctor treating me while in the hospital referred me to a good urologist. I had an SP done and haven't had a uti since. I can't hold urine in my bladder now without getting a uti. I'm colonized but haven't had any symptoms.

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    I have the same bug.I acquired it while riding out Hurricane Sandy in crap hospital then a crap nursing home.Got MRSA and a stage 4 wound as well.Hooray! Sandy.Ask your ID about Fosfomycin.It's $120.00 but it will knock back the infection.If your symptoms get to bad a 7-10 day regimen of the carbapenems may be necessary.If you don't have stones the IV ABX could kill it or at least give you months free of infection.Hiprex will not cause resistance.It's expensive and it didn't help me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    No doubt you won't want to here this, but your story sounds very much like mine about 5 years ago. I managed my bladder with intermittent catheterization and used an indwelling foley when I traveled, which wasn't all that much. Instead of cathing 4-6 times a day (considered normal and typical), I had to cath frequently and finally got to the point where I was cathing about every 2 hours. Our lives pretty much revolved around my need to cath. Neither of us got much sleep, work was impossible. We were pretty miserable. I was on the antibiotic merry-go-round. Finally had to go on months of home administered IV antibiotics.

    I got my insurance company to approve consultations with a neuro-urologist at Standford Medical Center. I had a complete urological work up including urodynamics. The outcome of the testing was that I had to make a decision about a different way to manage my bladder. Major, complex surgeries with long recovery times were discussed as was a simple suprapubic catheter placement. My primary care physician is a good guy, who took the time to discuss my options with me and together we decided that taking baby steps was my best option. Within a couple weeks, I had the suprapubic placed, within a month, it was healed. It was about that time that I learned about Vetericyn. I have had the suprapubic catheter for about 4-1/2 years and it was one of the best decisions I have made in living with spinal cord injury. I do have one regret...I didn't do it sooner.

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    This is almost exactly my story, including it being 5 years ago that I had an SP placed. No major UTIs since. I drink a gallon of water a day to "flush" my bladder, which I believe has helped.

    As far as the VF/Hydrocleanse/etc., I instill 30ccs of VF Plus and 10ccs of saline nearly every day, then I have my bro roll me on my stomach for a several minutes, each side for several minutes, then when I'm up in my chair I tilt all the way back for several minutes to get coverage over all of my bladder. We with indwellings have small bladders, so getting good coverage is viable IMO. However you have a larger bladder area to cover, so not sure you're hitting all the bacteria.

    I highly recommend you going to an SP!

    I wish you well. I remember the terror of knowing I was running out of abx.
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    I have been on Hiprex for years. AFIK it increases acidity in the bladder and is thus a prophylactic against UTIs.
    My urologist (Kesller Inst) never advised me to avoid it during a UTI to it's treatment.

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    Thanks everyone for your input. I am not considering a SP at this time. It is definitely scary to see the list of resistant antibiotics grow by the month. Today I have been without ABs for two weeks, 10 days with the colonization comfirmed. I am still instilling 4 times a day and my urine is clearing up a little bit, but sporadically it comes out a little dirty and smelly. Still no fever or chills, and I am a T4, so I do not know if I have flank pain or not, but sometimes It feels like a little pain on the back right side. I figured that D Mannose and microcyn help reduce the bacterial count, I also think that the Hiprex will help reduce the bacterial count. Maybe taking all three with a lot of water will keep the symptoms away and my body will help me fight the bug. I still have not taken the Hiprex because i read that it should not be taken with an infection, but as of now I consider myself heavily colonized and fighting the hold of a full blown infection.

    Btw, before microcyn and D Mannose I think I would have gotten symptoms in a few short days. At least I hope that is what is helping me feel ok.
    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

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    I am a 56 year old T3/T4, I do CIC every 4 to 6 hours, went in for a colonoscopy last December, came out with E-Coli infection that changed to Klebsiella a few weeks later, was on ABs for 10 months trying to get rid of it, sometimes urine cultures would show it to be ESBL.

    Decided to get a second opinion from a different Urologist a month ago, he said that I should stop ABs as long as I don't have a fever, been following his advice, urine cultures still show bacterial infection but am not taking any ABs for it.

    Not sure whether this is a wise decision, don't know if my kidneys are going to fail eventually due to this. Urine is not cloudy and I have no fever but I get the neuropathic pain which I used to associate with infection. Could be caused by a Pseudomonas and E-Coli infections I have in my left foot pressure sore.

    It is very confusing to treat all this when you have no sensation.

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    Neuropathic pain is not necesarily attributed to UTI. Take something for it.
    Increased spasticity, low grade fever, feeling tired are.Do not treat the colonized bacteria unless you ahve symptoms!

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