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Thread: Bowel Program Frequency

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    Bowel Program Frequency

    This July my wife and I changed the way we're were eating, but dramatically for the better. Not only am I eating better foods, but much less volume. Ive eliminated all non-useful sugars and carbs and I rarely eat red meat anymore, which was difficult considering my past eating habits. I feel great, am losing weight and until a few weeks back all was well. Now I cannot seem to nail down my bowel program. Ive always been on a 3-time-a-week routine, but I also ate like a horse and was in pain if I didnt go. Now that Im eating more than half of what I used to and everything I eat is mostly being used by my body Im wondering if 3 times a week is too often.

    Here is the reason.

    Taking the typical MWF schedule I go fine on Mondays, but almost none on Wednesday. Depending on my schedule Ill either follow up the day after on Thursday or just wait till Friday and everything works fine again. I drink a gallon of water a day and alternate between different sources of fiber daily; sometimes I eat a high fiber bar and fruit and some days Ill fill in with a vegetable salad and flax seed. When I do go everything works well; it just seems like three times a week is now too often.

    Has anyone else had success at twice weekly? I really don?t want to increase my eating volume as I feel great and do not want to add more calories.

    Here is a typical day of meals for me:

    Breakfast: apple or fiber bar and water
    Lunch: Salad (fruit or veggie) and lean meat (sm portion)
    Dinner: Similar to lunch, but I usually throw in a slice of multigrain bread and make a sandwich

    Only fruit or natural fiber when Im hungry and want a snack

    BTW Im a C5-6 - 22 years

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    I do every third day. I have gone a day more a few times without problems. I too have cut back down my calorie intake mostly by portion control. Going to a power wheelchair started causing significant weight gain. I have always been on a high protein, high fiber, low carb diet. I am using portion control to cut the calories down further. When I began it did mess up my bowel program. Eventually I got things back to normal by using a fiber supplement to compensate for the loss of volume caused by the reduced fiber in my food. All you can do is experiment to find out what your body will adapt to. Try doing your routine twice a week. If that does not work satisfactorily try adding a fiber supplement to your diet.
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    Thanks so much for the comments and congrats on hitting the 60 year mark!
    C5-6 - 22 years

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    You should still stay on the same routine, even with eating less.You still have peristalsis and should still have some type of bowel elimination

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    When I was working I settled on 3.5 day interval. I tried 3 but always lost track of when I did it last!
    Then I started doing Wed eve/Sun morning. Easy to remember, and a nice routine at very convenient times and intervals.
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    Every Sunday and Wed night for about 30 years. I love potatoes but cutting out carbs had the most dramatic impact on my program and how I feel. I don't over eat and try to eat healthy. Twice a week works for me and fits my 55 hour work week.
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    Same here twice a week for the last 34 years with no problems. I watch what I eat and keep moving/busy most days.

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    Im also on a twice a week but lately my bowels have slowed down quite a lot. What kind of laxatives are you guys using if any. I use Sennokot but I thing my body got too used to them and lost theyr effect...

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    Wow, I'd think you'd want to go at least once every couple of days and drink Metamucil to get things through your system faster and add bulk. This way you will be getting the toxins out of your body more and I'd think it would be more healthy in the long run as you age. Just my opinion.
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    With rare exception I do my bowel routine every day. I just like to be "empty." On those very rare occasions when I've waited 3 days to go, I feel like I'm going to explode, not to mention the fear of having an accident.

    I've been using the Peristeen or some other version of transanal irrigation (aka enema) for more years than I can remember -- really, ever since the Magic Bullets lost all their magic.

    A largely plant-based, fiber rich diet is a big help.

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