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Thread: video of me walking / ambulating / trying / do you see any potential?

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    video of me walking / ambulating / trying / do you see any potential?

    This was a day last week: not perfect but better than it used to be. If I can do this from just practacing once a day and exercising on my own, do you see any possibility that I could do much better and progress much further? Not just in "walking" but in overall progress? I'm just asking if anyone sees any potential from this video / walking session? And if so please share any workout / strengthening ideas that you think would help me.

    Thank you

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    Its impossible to tell what kind of potential you have or give any ideas based off this video...we need to see your entire body! Walking involves more than the feet and the ankles, it involves everything from head to to. If you posted another video where we saw your entire body that would show everyone a lot more.

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    Absolutely I see potential!!

    I don't know what your injury was or how long it has been or what prior rehab you have done.... but if you got to taking these steps due to exercising on your own you are doing great. Keep pushing and doing more every day. Many with SCI improve slowly over months to years. And anyone who gets to walking like you has a great chance of improving.

    Are you able to do another round of outpatient PT to help give you some more pointers/ideas/encouragement? Therapists love to see progress, so if this is new I'm sure your health insurance will cover more PT.

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    I did this video like this because my shirt was off, I get too hot with a shirt. Here's a video I made of a few things I worked on in May there's only a few short clips of me walking. From then to now I think it's better. I couldn't figure out why I kept staying on my toes, not great for trying to walk but better than nothing. But I think I figured it out and hopefully getting better. Practacing with a walker / gait train you will develop bad habits but for me walking / practacing with bad habits is much better than sitting in the chair and doing nothing. My main view goal isn't "walking" but just doing and gaining as much as I have the potential to. And since walking is there I will include it with my overall goals. So any potential seen from this video? Not just for walking but to progress over all?

    Hlh my injury is over 20 years old. I believe that when many therapists see you in a wheelchair that their focus is determined based on their first assumptions. I went to a therapist for a few weeks a couple years ago, he had no interest in helping me beyond my wheelchair. If help comes along I'm happy to have it but I've realized I can't rely on others / even professionals to put in the effort that I need. So I do what I can.

    I do appreciate all the insight, wisdom and motivation from this forum. Thank you guys

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    I would get a trial of the or .. I found it helped to lift my toes while walking.

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    I think you're doing great. Keep doing what you're doing. Don't give up!

    Even if you don't get much better, don't stop what you're doing and lose what you've got.
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    Great videos, thanks for sharing!

    My take on what I see...

    In your May compilation video I see a lot of positives. First it doesn't appear that your knees hyperextend at all when standing which suggests you have some hamstring strength/control, is this correct? Second your heels are down for the most part when you stand which bodes well for future ability to get better toe lift. In the last part of the May video are you trying to hip flex i.e. lift your knee to your chest or?

    In your July video I would make a couple of suggestions. If you are going to walk on carpet try it in your socks if your ankles are stable enough. Shoes and carpet are notorious for causing excess toe drag. If you cant walk without shoes try walking on a harder surface such as tile or concrete.

    Based on what I saw I would work on strengthening hip flexion and hamstrings, both of which will assist with getting your toes off the ground. Exercises for these muscles can be performed lying down supine and/or prone. Are you able to lift your foot (dorsiflex) when seated or lying down?

    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery

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    Hi guys, thank you so much for the feedback. I get down every now and then but I won't give up. My right knee has no hyper extension. My left knee has always had it and when I go to sit or try squats sometimes I have to be sure that it's not locked. Maybe it can be better but it's one of a few things that I work around. I do have hamstring strength, I know it can be even better with work. I wasn't trying to hip flex, that was a spasm. But I can hip flex the right leg, not the left. Should I add that to my routine for my right leg? There are so many things that I could try but my workout time is limited so I'm trying to figure out and focus on exercises that will increase strength and function. I need to learn what those are, not always sure.

    I can lift my right foot. Left foot just maybe a trace.

    Thank you again.

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    I would work on those three movements to help you with your walking. Hamstrings, hip flexion, toe lift (dorsiflexion)

    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery

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    Impressive! Keep at it.
    I'm 9 years post and I'm still at it.
    Never stop !

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