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Thread: Smartdrive for sale - $5450

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    Smartdrive for sale - $5450

    We have a unit of the latest version of the MaxMobility SmartDrive for sale, which we purchased from MaxMobility as new.

    It was used outside for less than 2 miles, to test the mounting hardware/interface and battery mounting position for the Icon.

    It retails for $6450, and we'll take $1,000 off of it and pay shipping anywhere in North America.

    Included is the drive wheel, battery, a set of buttons, sling pouch for under the seat, charger, and mounting hardware/interface - the interfaces may or may not work with all chairs - we can verify compatibility and assist with getting new mounting hardware/interfaces for serious inquiries, but if a different one needs to be purchased, that will be your responsibility.

    Contact me at if you're interested.
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