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Thread: Recommend methods for carrying laptop during public transit commute?

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    I travel on BART and use one of these Sits on my lap and has room for catheters, lunch and my laptop charger.

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    Any ideas for people with narrow chairs? I'm not sure a 15" laptop will fit under my 13x15" seat pan (with taper). It also makes backpacks a problem: even when they'e narrow enough to fit, then tend to press against the wheels whenever I turn.

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    My chair is 15" (no taper). I use an REI Flash 22 backpack, and my 14 inch laptop fits (snugly, but it fits). The Flash 22 is very minimal (read: squishy), and I haven't noticed any problems with the wheels.

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    Fabulous solution!!!!! Yes, will do the same now! (reply to btimm22)

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