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Thread: Recommend methods for carrying laptop during public transit commute?

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    Recommend methods for carrying laptop during public transit commute?

    Now that I have a wheelchair and can actually leave home (Dysautonomia, can't stand so been working from home/bed mostly the last few years)...
    My goal is to get on the subway and commute to the office at least a couple days a week (granted I will work up to it slowly)

    But my question is... when commuting what do you find is the best way to carry your laptop?

    I've seen many people with bags on the back of their chairs, but I worry that on the Chicago subway I'd be a prime target for theft.

    Any tips, tricks, or ideas?

    I'm in a 20X19 TiLite Aero Z.. if that makes any difference.

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    How big a laptop do you have? Do you know the space the SmartDrive battery uses? If it fits nicely in that space, make or find a cloth pouch for it to slide into. Nobody will know it's there and it will be inboard, won't affect stability.
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    I agree - beneath your seat. Slide in from the front, and block exit out the back so your legs trap it in.

    Like this "Down Under Series 2."
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    Hi k4olin,

    I travel for work and had to figure out how to transport my laptop and other supplies. I did not want to put my laptop on the back of my chair because of security and making my chair too tippy. I ended up getting a small laptop bag and hanging it from by brakes under my seat. I specifically got a laptop bag that had metal hooks that the shoulder strap attaches to. I removed the shoulder strap and attached carabiner clips and hook them to my brakes. I tried to upload some pics but couldn't, hopefully the links below will work. Let me know if you have any questions.


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    I purchased a really nice "TARGUS" bag at Best Buy. It holds my computer and has various compartments. I put it on the back of my chair. The straps are adjustable. Lifts on and off with ease.

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    I LOVE my bag for this, its the reason I wanted it from the moment I got my chair, I was hoping to go back to school immediately and wanted it for books and a laptop. Unfortunately they stopped making it! Its like the Down Under shelf (goes under the seat) but completely closed off with a velcro front. The company that manufacturered it was sold, and the new place discontinued it. Drives me nuts because its the perfect bag! I happened to come across mine used here on the forum after it was gone off the market. I felt like I hit the lottery. Now I wish I had 5 more! I hadn't bought one sooner due to the cost, wheelchair bags are all so overpriced. (btw, fellow dysauto sufferer here)
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    btimm22, that's a nice bag hack! Does it swing back and forth against your calves at all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katja View Post
    btimm22, that's a nice bag hack! Does it swing back and forth against your calves at all?
    Thanks. It does not swing or rub against my calves. Having the weight of the laptop under the chair and the weight of my backpack on the back, it doesn't change the COG much. Another nice thing with this setup is that I can take the laptop out of the bag without having to remove the bag from the chair.


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    I use a wheelchair mount for my work Panasonic Toughbook. Expensive but rugged enough for what my laptops must take. Nicknamed SpazzBox II.

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    Thanks for all the great ideas!

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