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Thread: Underwear

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    OK let's talk about underwear specifically men's underwear unfortunately. Ha Ha
    I am having problems with red lines/marks left by my underwear right where my leg and butt cheek meet. I've tried various types with out any success even changing cushions hasn't made a difference.
    I've tried up loading a picture to show what I'm talking about but haven't had any luck.

    Anyone have some suggestions on a good brand to use I'm getting desperate and somewhat scared I do not want A pressure sore!!!!
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    No doubt you will get comments here that you should go without underwear. For some it is okay and works. For some, not. Have you tried the longer legged stretchable fabric boxer shorts. UnderAmour, Calvin Klein, Jockey, Champion etc., make variations on the style.

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    I like these , no seam in the back. Or for longer leg ones , the seam in the back is flat and doesn't leave marks. They are a bit pricey though.
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    It's been 42 years since I had on my last pair.
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    I'm with DeadEye. Can't think of the last time I had underwear on...

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    best underwear: none!

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    I generally recommend that men with SCI go without underwear. The wrinkles and seams can cause problems, and it makes both dressing and undressing more difficult and time consuming. If you do intermittent cath, you also have to mess with the underwear when cathing in your chair.

    On the other hand, without underwear you do need to be more careful in wheelchair positioning to avoid sitting on your testicles (which can cause major AD), and also be more careful with opening and closing slacks' zippers.


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    I'm actually a big fan of these underwears. I got them 4 for $24 and they stay up when my pants slide down if my transfers aren't perfect and they don't cause me any red marks.

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    I think to wear or not to wear is a personal choice. Sizing is an issue also. You want it the size to be large enough to be easy to remove but not so large that you have too many wrinkles and bunches up.

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    Going without them has helped me get through 6o post injury years with out a sore on my butt. Save your money and your butt at the same time!
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