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Thread: Solid Read tires

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    Solid Read tires

    Anyone replaced them on their own? Tips?
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    manual chair 24" solid tires?
    I just did. I think it's near impossible without the special tool. I made one: took a piece of rectangular steel tubing (1x2"/.120"wall, but you could probably use 1" square or even a hard 2x4 wood).
    Drilled a 1/2" hole and put a 5" bolt through it for the wheel to turn on, and put a 3/8" hole in the tube at the edge of the rim, and a long 3/8" bolt through there. Then you clamp the jig in a vice and stick the wheel on the 1/2" bolt; put the tire around the outside of the 3/8 bolt and onto the rim, and start pulling the tire and the rim around. It gets real clear how to do it as you're pulling the thing around and the tire is slipping over the 3/8 bolt until it is also riding in the rim flanges and only out when it slides over the 3/8 bolt; that is when you need to whack the bolt out, leaving the tire on the rim.
    My only complaint? The tires squeak at a couple points when they go under the wheel; I don't know if its tire deformation and movement at the rim or if it's the inner edges of the finger guards of the oval push-rims against the sidewalls. If someone knows how to fix this, let me know! I figure I either need a little lubrication like brake fluid or silicone, or I should mark the noisy spots and try getting some patching glue into those areas, but am afraid to do the wrong tactic!

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    I have replaced solid tyres several times. The first time took a while but now it is much quicker.
    I have steel tyre levers but apart from that the only extra kit I use is a roof-rack strap and a few short bits of rope.
    Put one side in place as far round as it goes until it gets difficult.
    Secure the tyre in place at the edges with rope or straps.
    Get a roof rack strap and put this around the tyre and the wheel rim so that when you tighten it, it pulls the tyre towards the wheel rim. Once the strap is as tight as you can pull it without straining too much, lock the strap to secure the tyre as close to the rim as you pulled it.
    Then use the levers to push a bit more of the tyre on to the wheel at the edges and secure your progress with your rope before doing the other side and securing it.
    By using the middle strap to pull the tyre towards the rim opposite the part of the tyre that is on the wheel a bit more and then doing each edge a little bit more before securing each bit of progress with a short bit of rope, it takes about five to ten minutes to put a solid tyre on a 26" wheel.

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