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Thread: Happy Halloween

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    Cool Happy Halloween

    I've always liked Halloween, still do. I mean sure, no more getting wasted at a party. But that isn't the only Halloween fun to be had, eh?
    I get to direct and 'supervise' my wife's efforts to make our front yard sufficiently creepy. Get all dressed up, zombie this year. And give out candy to the Trick or Treaters. That's the best part of it.
    So happy Halloween everyone.
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    We decorate the yard, but all of the kids in our neighborhood have grown up, and we got no trick or treaters at all this year - (sigh)...

    Happy Halloween Anyway!!
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    I know what you mean about Halloween. (Just watched the 1978 Carpenter movie again.) For atmosphere and decorations, it's my favorite holiday. Christmas is a close second. Halloween just has that dark mysterious feeling. Spooky cool. Primal.

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    I came from work jumped in the car and hid out in a nail salon getting my toes done. I ducked and ditched Halloween!!

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    I used to like the Halloween parties myself. Now, my wife and I try to give the neighborhood kids a good Halloween. We have started making a small scary maze on our front patio. Last year was our first year and was a great success. Kids loved it.

    This year we set it up early and had it open yesterday (a day early). A very few people came yesterday. Then the rains were about to fall and we had to take it down. So no maze this year for Halloween. The rains finally broke and we did get many trick-or-treaters.

    I've already ordered some more scary stuff for the 2015 Halloween maze.
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