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Thread: Don't tell me what to do....

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    Don't tell me what to do....

    What do you guys think of this. Just a couple of kids being silly. Clearly not that dangerous. Yet society feels the need to keep wheelchair users "protected" and there fore keep us down. And they punish the AB driver.

    If it were a 20 year old AB guy on a bicycle, and his GF towed him around a car lot like that......then I think it would have been treated differently. And definitely would not have made the news.

    I'm not sure why this story ticks me off......but it does. :/
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    Yeah, don't get why that was news worthy. Just people having fun, not putting anybody in any danger it looks like. Though maybe a bit stupid, but who cares, I've done stupider shit in my AB days.
    Guess there wasn't anything more important to report, eh?
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    No big deal. Just kids having fun, and as typical, with little regard to safety. We used to do all kinds of dumb things with cars in the snow. These kids just found something cool with wheels. It just happened to be a crappy wheelchair. Nothing sacred about wheelchairs.

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    Yea, thats total bullshit. Its a hospital chair to boot so I doubt its anyone actually needing a wheelchair, just some kids goofing off. Or maybe he's got a temporary injury and goofing off. Either way as long as they're both over 18 there was no need to give any punishment other than be told to leave the parking lot of the store was bothered!

    I think the problem is more the ridiculous punishment, 2 years?! wtf. And it wouldn't have made the news if it wasn't for that I'm sure.
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    Would she get punished in the US if the lot owner didn't ask for assistance? The cops won't enforce handicap parking without being asked.
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    The kid was AB, watch the video to the end,,,
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    It's such a bunch of BS the way we get treated a lot of the time just because we are disabled, not much can be done other than just go with the flow I guess.
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    They would have a fit, if they saw my girl and me getting towed down Decatur in New Orleans behind a pedi-cab. Got to watch out for the pot holes though.

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