Is it even vaguely possible to get pre-existing conditions covered with international insurance? I know it will cost more and I'm fine with that, but as best as I can tell every international insurance company is exempt from Obamacare and they just place an exemption on all pre-existing conditions and even problems that stem from pre-existing conditions. I'm fairly young and otherwise healthy, so it's very likely that any bad health I might encounter will be related to my SCI, and if my insurance doesn't cover it then it's mostly useless to me.

I should add that I need real health insurance with real coverage, not just catastrophic evacuation insurance. I've moved to Israel for a few years so I can't evacuate every time I get a UTI, and I also can't randomly drop two grand or more on a hospital stay.

It blows my mind that a business can get fined for wheelchair ramps that are out of spec, but they can still single out and refuse service to anyone with a disability.