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Thread: Exactly how should I go about reversing osteoporosis?

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    What are sighns of fractures? I ended up flipping my chair last Coincidentally on my left side (worse hip). I don't think I actually did damage. But I have no sensation and it is sore some how. Would a Fracture show bruising or swelling?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    You also need to ensure your calcium intake is 1200 a day and you have a normal Vitamin D level and if not take supplements.
    How much calcium supplement can you take at once? I have to take meds four times a day (some are three times daily, some twice-daily), so there's only one time span that allows at least two hours between taking calcium and taking meds. I take 600 mg calcium plus vitamin D at that time.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    It's best to get it from food. If you can, and there's a lot of stuff out there about calcium supplements, not much of it is good stuff.

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    My doctor just put me on 1250 mg calcium

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    Osteopenia is the very first symptom of the bone cells looking not dense enough , before osteoporosis. Most calcium has some Vitamin D with it and I took that- as all women should. Did he check your Vitamin D level? I had Osteopenia for years in one shoulder (and there is nothing physically wrong with me at all ) and I took Calcium with a small amount of Vitamin D and then when the Vitamin D craze came along my MD tested mine and it was very very low and I got osteopenia in two other places before getting on high doses of Vitamin D should be tested.
    And forget that out in the sun B.S. If I was out in the sun any more I would have to change my race!
    And you can see on my x-rays wear it rebuild. Chondrocalcinosis or some term like that. If you google "Vitamin D deficiency" there is all kinds of research being done and there were claims that it caused Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, obesity, heart disease is the latest they are researching...etc... I don't know that anything has been confirmed but we do know that bone health is true.
    Vitamin D is checked in all our SCI patients. And a lot of have low Vitamin D and we treat it.
    I do recommend a multivitamin for all!

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    Have any of the vibration plate studies done on people post SCI come to a conclusion on its effect on osteoporosis caused by SCI yet

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    Isn't magnesium necessary too as a catalyst for the calcium and Vit D to be effective?

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    I have a specialist that I see just for my bones. I take calcitonin (a nasal spray), and 2 extra strength TUMS per day with food (which she specifically recommended over regular calcium supplements). My osteopenia is progressing slowly at this point, almost 18 years post injury. I also take liquid D drops - I believe it's 2000iu.

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    Your next scans may show where osteocytes/bones have reformed. Vitamin D level is normal or high normal? Keep it up so osteoporosis doesn't form.
    And Vitamin D is now the popular research for possible cause/effects on memory, diabetes, hypertension etc..

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    I just had my 3rd (once yearly) infusion of Reclast. Bone density scans indicate that osteoporosis is holding steady to improvement that isn't statistically measurable. But 33 years post injury and as severe as my osteoporosis is, holding and not getting worse is, as far as my doctor and I are concerned good news. I take about 1500 mg Vit. D and 2600 IU Vit D3 (600 units is in the calcium supplement) and a multiple vitamin which contains all of the daily recommended trace minerals. My diet contains cheese and yogurt.

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