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Thread: Hand held portable remote for van door/lift?

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    Hand held portable remote for van door/lift?

    Does anyone know of a reasonable company that handles the hand held remote for a van door with lift? This would be the portable type that is about the size of a candy bar. So far I'm not finding anything for under 200 bucks. Anybody have an extra they want to sell? Thank you!

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    Are you looking for something like this?

    I had a oem plug and play unit like you describe from Braun a while back, something like that would be the easiest if you can find a used system.

    I did have my last van remote done by an alarm shop, they tied into the dash toggle switches and used DEI valet remote to do the functions.

    I have not used this device yet but I am thinking of it for my bed.

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    Tonyy's suggestion would probably be the cheapest way to go. A simple partnered remote and receiver that can actuate relays would work. You would just need relay contacts that are heavy enough for your lift's control amperage.

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    I broke my vans remote transmitter and replaced it with this system:

    I found one on Alibaba for $86.00 shipping included, but it took over a month to receive it. I'm very happy with the way it works.

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    Thank you Tony, Brent and Rusty. I have a candy bar size device (remote) with a black button and a red button, it quit working. It is powered by it's own 9 volt battery. When I am outside the van I can push the red button and the side door opens and the lift comes down. When I push the black button the lift goes up and the door closes. It looks like a very simple device and I was told a new one can be ordered for 200 bucks. Would either of the devices you guys posted do the same and would any modifications need to be made/added to my equipment? If so, where can they be purchased and who can set them up? My remote is 21 years old and we all know nothing lasts forever accept SCI. Thank you kindly!

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    If you can buy a replacement remote for $200.00 that's what I would do. I couldn't even get one at any cost because they were no longer available, so I replaced the complete system.

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    If you can find someone that does electronic repairs, it may be that it needs just a simple part replacement for your remote or the receiver. Contacts wear and components don't last forever. That might be a cheaper solution. Either of the products that Tonyy or Rustyjames suggested would work and should be easily installed. My opinion, the controllers that the dealerships install are overpriced junk. The one on my own quit working a little over a year after it being installed. It had only a one year guarantee. I decided to just go with a proximity/reed switch control for the outside control. It's more reliable and less complicated.
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    Thanks guys! I'm off to find an electronics shop.

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    I found a company that specializes in repairing remotes of any kind. They fixed mine for $30. which included shipping to and from. Great people to deal with. I don't know how to attach a link or website but they aren't hard to google. I am very pleased!

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    Wow, can't beat that service, good to hear it worked out.!

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