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Thread: Grocery Shopping

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    Grocery Shopping

    How do you quads do your grocery shopping if you are by yourself? I've always had my groceries delivered but the selection has gotten worse. Therefore, I'm going to have to go in.


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    I am not sure about the Grocery Stores in your area, but here in the Iowa/mid-west, there is a chain, Hy-Vee and every time I go in a store associate asks if I need help. Being a T12 para, I have no problem with doing my own shopping. Try going to the customer service desk/counter at your store and see if an associate will help.

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    This is something we cover in rehab during outings to the grocery store, but many people pick a cart, then park it someplace in the store, and go to the shelves with one of the smaller baskets on their lap, get the groceries they need (you may do well with a reacher, or just asking other customers to reach really high or low objects for you), then take the basket back to the cart, unload it, and go get more groceries. Ask an employee to move your cart to checkout and to escort you out to your vehicle.

    Alternatively, a lot of people use home grocery delivery services, which can be especially helpful during the winter instead of having to also deal with bad weather when shopping and getting groceries into the house.


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    Don't leave the cart unattended too long or you might get to start over, been there done that.
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    i suppose u could get a cart and then a basket but that would be pretty time consuming (and imagine frustrating at times) to buy a bunch of groceries that way... heres what i do... i stroll in w/ my service dog and go to customer service and say "yo i need help gettin my groceries" they then page someone to help me... that easy and they're always more than willing to help... time is $$ i need 2 get in get out and get goin... on 2 the next 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonoise View Post
    Don't leave the cart unattended too long or you might get to start over, been there done that.
    I had problems with this for years. If you go off with your basket leaving the cart unattended for a while staff will often take your cart and redistribute your groceries to the shelves. They have explained to me that shop lifters often leave their carts until staff are not paying attention, then make a run for it. My shopping equipment now includes; my list, a short reacher bought from Amazon and a small sign on a string which I attach to the shopping cart handle. Since I added the sign staff have left my cart alone leaving me to wander the store basket on my lap.

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    Sorry, forgot to mention the sign reads simply, "This cart in use." Apparently this is adequate to convince staff I am not a shop lifter.

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    I shop 3 different supermarkets. All have baskets that fit on my lap. I fill one and drop it off at a check out counter and fill another until I am done. Then the clerk checks out everything at once. The stores will provide an assistant but I usually decline. I don't like people following me around while I shop. There are always employees stocking shelves or something that I grab when I do need help. Much of the time I have to beat other customers off who want to help whether I need it or not. I shop at these places because they have great service. Publix is the best.
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    One thing I've found, is to push the basket backwards. Easier to push with you feet, easier to steer and see past it. Many places, if you ask at customer service they will have someone go with you.

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    That's a great tip! I usually do my shopping with my mobility scooter, I can hook an arm over the grocery cart and pull it around easily, put a ton of stuff in it, carry things in my lap, carry bags of groceries into the house, etc, etc. I know using a scooter isn't the cool thing to do, but I do to want to be exhausted for days after grocery shopping.

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