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Thread: New front casters

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    New front casters

    Can anyone recommend a website to buy replacement casters for a TiLite with slip stream forks? My caster size is 5"x1" hard rolls.

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    OP--You say your caster size is 5"x1" for TiLite's Slipstream forks. That's not exactly what I have on my Slipstreams.

    Most caster wheels have a 1" hub width; that includes razor scooters wheels. The hub width itself isn't all that important, since you can use spacers and longer/shorter screws or bolts to mount them. Wider wheels, like 1 1/4", still have a narrower hub, usually 1".

    The problem with standard TiLite Slipstream forks, like mine, is that they come with wheels that have a different bearing size along with a 7/8" wide hub. The bearing is still the standard 7/8" outside diameter; however, the inside hole is for a 3/8" shaft instead on the usual 5/16" size. So to mount anything that is not specifically made for TiLite's Slipstream forks, you would need new bearings with a 3/8" hole for the shaft to fit and longer mounting screws to accommodate the extra hub width. (OP: you can reuse your original bearings.)

    At this time, I don't know anyone, other than TiLite dealers, that sell the exact same casters for Slipstream. I'm sure you can special order them from places like Sportaid or Bike-on. You can do what I said to adapt just about any other casters to fit. Note: the screw length might work but I wouldn't trust the reduced amount of thread to hold.
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