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Thread: Question for power chair users that drive from their chair

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    Question for power chair users that drive from their chair

    Does anyone while driving elevate their chair so they see over the dash more or be at a better driving position? I'm getting a new van, and I would like to be a bit higher so I could see over the dash more and just be more comfortable while driving. Which means either elevating my chair or getting something installed on the floor. I talk to my Permobil rep, he said he knows people do it but for their own liability he does not recommend it. Said if I were in an accident the chair wouldn't be as safe if elevated. I only need about an inch. So what do you all do?

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    How about a thin cushion that you can place and remove as needed? I agree that elevating your chair may not be the best solution.
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    Most people have the opposit problem, needing to lower the floor in the driver's seat area to be able to drive from your chair. Not only would it be difficult to secure your chair if raised, but it may put your head dangerously close to the roof, which could result in a serious brain or cervical spine injury in a roll-over.


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    In my new van I have plenty of Head room. Got a Chrysler XT(extra tall). Need it since I'm 6'3. But the steering wheel just isn't at the position that I prefer and am used to from my old van.

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    I don't have the elevation option on my power wheelchair so luckily I am at a pretty good height when driving. I have a Chrysler Town and Country myself which is the first vehicle I have had since my accident so I just love being able to go out and about by myself. I have short arms so I am definitely not as close to the steering wheel as I would prefer to be. It makes longer drives more straining on the shoulder.

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    Im a c5 c6 complete quad bout 5'11-6' and i drive a caravan from my permobil using emc eupiment... i dont have elevation on my wheelchair but i wouldnt recommend it though... because of wheelchair footplates we're already sitting further from the wheel than most and losing sight from top of window near roof making it really hard to see street lights. i got a new chair (my permobil) last year with power recline and being able to recline my chair a little bit without using tilt has made me a much better driver because i have better control of my upper body when breaking. you will get used to seeing the hood feeling like you might not be able to see over it but in actuallity you're probably just being too cautious... gl w/ the driving

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