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    brachial plexus

    brachial plexus traction injury, left side. I am 25 yrs old involved in a motorcycle accident in august of 2014. I have complete movement in my hand, fingers and wrist. I can extend my tricep and pull in with deltoid. However i cannot flex at he elbow with my bicep or raise my arm. Some numbness in the outer shoulder traveling to my thumb where it turns into a tingle. I am from portland oregon and am curious if anyone knows any doctors nearby or has any insight to the severity and prognosis of my injury based on experience or hear say. I have a nerve conduction test scheduled soon as well as a brachial plexus mri soon.

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    The EMG/Nerve Conduction Study and MRI will give the doctor who ordered these tests insight into your severity/prognosis/treatment options. Waiting for diagnostic studies is really stressful but there's nothing more to add until you've got the data.

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    Some brachial plexus injuries will go on to heal on their own. If they do not, then peripheral nerve transplatation should be considered. This is a very specialized surgery that only a few specialized surgeons or centers do. Here is some information:


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