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Thread: what do you sleep with on your feet?

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    what do you sleep with on your feet?

    I have heel pillows or boots but the velcro comes off when I move or spasm. Looking for a good recomendation to use so I can sleep more comfortably. Thanks for your help

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    I don't use anything.

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    that's awesome. my boot was off a few hours the other night and my heel was terribly sore so I need something

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    When I had significant leg spasms I slept with my socks on. Sheet burns were the only concern I had. Now that my spasms have pretty much stopped due to old age and medications I do not use anything.
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    Prevalon boots provide good foot protection, but can be a problem when trying to turn yourself. Heel pressure ulcers are very common, and the easiest type of pressure ulcer to prevent if using proper foot protection in bed.


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    I use a rectangle (18 inches wide by 40 inches long) of medical sheepskin placed at the foot of the bed. Nothing on my feet to impede turning. Otherwise in the winter, I will wear a pair of wools socks for warmth.

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    I'm using these (hope the link works)
    The Prevalon ones were too bulky, I'm a side sleeper and it was difficult to position my legs with them on. Also they were too warm for me, even with no blanket covering my feet.
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    For the past 42 years, I've slept with a pillow under my calves. I start on my back with my heels hanging over the edge of the pillow slightly so they don't, or barely, touch the mattress. As I turn to my side, my spasms automatically bend my knees up and to the side, and then my feet lay on their side on the pillow. When I turn back over to my back, my spasms push my legs out straight again with my heels still not touching the bed. I have great sensation and the pressure of my heels on the mattress hurts in no time at all.
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    Mr. 2drwhofans uses Prevalons
    I search ebay for new-in-package that are well priced.
    Machine wash them on Delicate/Cold with Woolite and prop up on chair posts to dry.

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