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Thread: Need Answers, please help!

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    Update: Question about Valium

    So I went back into the ER, they admitted me to the hospital. They changed my meds from tizanidine back to 10 mg of baclofen 4 x a day. (I was on baclofen maybe 4-5 years ago, it stopped working so we switched to tizanidine) But the baclofen still wasn't doing anything to the spasms.

    I was having major panic attacks (4-5 a day) at this point. So they started with Ativan. Didn't help. Next 5 mg of diazapam (valium). This helped the panic attacks and the spasms! So the doctor was thinking maybe just after 8 years of trying so many meds that my body just got use to them so they stopped working. I'm not positive that's why, but I welcome the relief of spasms & pain for the time being.

    So my question is, does anyone else take Valium or something like it, that helps with the spasms?? I've looked online and the most that I can see is that is not a drug that docs give for long term use.

    Also thanks to anyone who's replied, anything helps

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    I know there are some people on here that take Valium for spasms. I'm not SCI but I take klonopin, which is in the same class as Valium (benzos), for neuromuscular spasms. I know Valium helps mine tons too, I'm always given it before procedures and its the only time my body is ever completely still for more than a couple minutes. I mostly get small jerks and spasms, not the same kind I've seen in those with SCI
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    I occasionally take Valium. Mostly as a night time med to help me with neuropain and sleeping. But it seems to help with spasms too.
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    Thanks for the reply

    I go in to see my main doctor tomorrow, we are discussing the baclofen & valium. I am hoping we can do something along the same idea as valium or a low dose of it, as it makes me tired. Hoping we can get it figured out though!

    I forgot how helpful this site was for me. It has been a couple years since I've been on here. I've felt so alone and that no one understands. It's nice to know that I'm not alone, even though we have the same crappy things in common. it just means a lot

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    I take valium, a few of us do. Not sure why but valium is currently under scrutiny for abuse. My doc got a lot of static for prescribing it to me. New hospital guidelines.

    I've an IT pump with baclofen, cloninde and experimenting with midazolam a benzo cousin.


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    I take 10mg of Valium every night when I go to bed. Baclofen made me feel terrible. The Valium helps me sleep at night with fewer spasms and by the morning I'm not drowsy from it, but that may take a little while to get your body used to that. I cycle off of it every couple of weeks for a few days until my spasms get bad and then start back up.

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