So I went back into the ER, they admitted me to the hospital. They changed my meds from tizanidine back to 10 mg of baclofen 4 x a day. (I was on baclofen maybe 4-5 years ago, it stopped working so we switched to tizanidine) But the baclofen still wasn't doing anything to the spasms.

I was having major panic attacks (4-5 a day) at this point. So they started with Ativan. Didn't help. Next 5 mg of diazapam (valium). This helped the panic attacks and the spasms! So the doctor was thinking maybe just after 8 years of trying so many meds that my body just got use to them so they stopped working. I'm not positive that's why, but I welcome the relief of spasms & pain for the time being.

So my question is, does anyone else take Valium or something like it, that helps with the spasms?? I've looked online and the most that I can see is that is not a drug that docs give for long term use.

Also thanks to anyone who's replied, anything helps