Hi all,

I'm a T8 complete para, 10 years post. My husband and I are about to start trying for a family. I've been told to wean off my meds (60 mg of baclofen and 0.5 mg Clonazepam, both at night for killer spasms) as they are not safe during pregnancy.

It's killing me. I'm lucky if I get 2 hours of sleep a night. I am in serious pain and my spasms are crazy strong throughout the night. This morning I offered to sleep/ lay awake in our spare bedroom because my husband gets woken up by all my shifting and spasms. And we're not even pregnant yet! Seems like it's making things way way harder haha!

Now I know that Clonazepam has actual evidence of fetal damage, but I see conflicting stuff about baclofen. I know that it's recommended to not be on it, but I feel like I will have to quit my job due to lack of sleep, which probably isn't so rational.

What have other people done? Can I stay on it until I find out I'm pregnant and then do a fast wean? Can I stay on it generally? Lesser dose? My doc just says "If you can do it, do it". That's not enough information for me.

Any help appreciated.