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Thread: Question about hand controls

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    Question about hand controls

    I have a new full size van in the middle of being converted. The company that is doing told it me they couldn't reuse my existing hand controls. they're only 3 years old and they are going into the same style van. He said it was illegal, I think he's full of crap. He's re-using my power seat base! Anybody ever hear of this? I can't find anything in the State of IL that supports this.

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    I've used my old controls several times. I have four sets now. I have also used two different certified, licensed installers here in Florida. Neither had any problem with this. They just check with the control manufacturer and order what parts are needed to adapt to whatever car I bring in. There are some odd vehicles that can't be adapted, but I've never had this problem.

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    Ask them to show you the law that says you can't reuse the hand controls. Then pack up and go to someone else. If some one is going to lie to you, don't trust their work.

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    Yeah, it's not illegal. It's either due to liability concerns and/or losing profit on selling a new set.

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    My guess it that he is trying to get you a set of new hand controls through the Gm mobility reimbursement program. You are allowed up to $1000 in some circumstances. The newer set would be free through this program, for qualified vehicles. If I were you, I would keep the old ones and let them install the new ones, but that is up to you. It is not illegal to reuse the old ones. He may not know that. But if the older controls were installed and paid for by this program previously with another new vehicle, then they can’t be reinstalled again through this program. That would be kind of like double-dipping and is illegal. If that is the case, then either you or the dealership would have to pay that extra cost for the installation by a qualified, independent installer.

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    He's full of it. He knows that you are getting $1K and he wants it. Unless the old controls are somehow cut down too short for use in the new vehicle compared to where they are now. Nothing in IL Statutes about that that I know of. What place is this?

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