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Thread: battery backup in case of power failure

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    battery backup in case of power failure

    We had a power failure last night. As a result, my small lift wouldn't work and the Bipap couldn't either. I remember there was sometype of battery backup unit that could be used but can't remember what it's called. It would be for a 110vlt setup. Any recommendations?

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    I have the Xantrex Power 1500. Haven't had to use it (except as a trial), but it is part of my emergency/earthquake kit.

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    Thanks GJ, was the 1500 for a lift or a CPAP?

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    I use the Duracell one for the Bipap in case of a power outage. My backup lift (main one is a ceiling lift) runs on battery and I always have a second battery fully charged and ready to go.
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    Neither Patrick.

    I just have it on hand for emergencies. To give you an idea of capacity. When I first got it, I did a test. It ran 4-,60 watt incandescent light bulbs for 8 hours and it was just about drained. The nice thing about the Xantrex is the built in "luggage carrier" wheels and handle and you can buy new batteries for the unit when you feel the battery is getting old.

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    I just helped a friend look into generators for camping for his dad who uses a CPAP.

    Here's a solar one w/ adequate power for all-night use:

    On Amazon for $447:

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    You could also consider a gas generator. My parents put one in, and had it set up to run different "zones" of the house by switching it at the circuit box. For example, the kitchen and family room (with the power lounge chair) were in one zone, and the master bedroom (electric hospital bed and powered mattress) was in another zone. They only actually had to use it twice, but it was a life-saver. Her (ceiling track) lift also ran on battery, as above, and they had two batteries kept charged at all the time so, it worked find during any power outages.

    Most floor based lifts also have a battery. What kind of lift do you have?


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    I had a gas generator for years and finally sold it. Seems when a person buys something for the "Just in Case" scenarios; they never happen. Same with a plow I bought for my John Deere, never had to use in the snow but sure came in handy for other stuff.

    My lift is homemade using a hydraulic ram to lift up the platform about 2 feet. Really basic. Thanks for the input KLD

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