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Thread: New "cure" from uk and Poland. Been posted yet

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    New "cure" from uk and Poland. Been posted yet

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    I don't know what to say! Sounds promising - isn't it weird that lots of breakthroughs are happening at once? But then again SCI veterans have said there have been 'breakthroughs' for the past 3 or so decades they have been injured. Lets see if someone can dig up some more information, as I am only able to get my info from the article you posted...

    Guys, the UCL (University College of London) is 15 mins drive from me!


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    Quote Originally Posted by taymas View Post
    Lets see if someone can dig up some more information, as I am only able to get my info from the article you posted...


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    And you sir MR GRAMMY are amazing. Thanks

    EDIT: I've just read it - it is really interesting, especially the observed syringomyelia, but changes on one patient from ASIA A to C is remarkable. I'm just curious whether or not the patient that walked has improved his motor scores vs locomotor score; like Dr Wise Young's trial; - it trains the Central Pattern Regulator/Generator (I can't remember the exact name.)
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    That was an amazing read. I really liked how they described the progress, and the impact of this treatment for the SCI community.

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    The first signs that the technique was reaping rewards came six months later [after the surgery] when Darek reported pain from a small pressure sore on his right hip - the first time he had felt sensation in his lower body since his attack.

    Around the same time he began to feel tension being applied to his leg muscles during his post-operative physiotherapy and the impossible dream of so many paralysis sufferers - the recovery of sensation and movement - began to seem real.

    Within 19 months of the operation, Darek was able to tell the direction of movement of his feet in tests with up to 85 per cent accuracy and could discriminate between the movement of his toes and his whole foot.
    Ramp it up! More patients, now please.

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    This is probably the usual ramp up of a paper that is due to appear tomorrow in a major scientific journal.
    It's a continuation of the paper in 2013. Stay tuned...

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    No way was regeneration of the cord the mechanism of recovery. Had to be remyelination/sprouting of existing nerve fibers. Great news nonetheless if it is real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kate View Post
    Ramp it up! More patients, now please.
    It appears they have reason to look forward at Ph 2 & 3 clinical trials.

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