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Thread: Hysterectomy?

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    I may need to have a hysterectomy. I have been reading up about it and am wondering about the recovery for someone who has SCI. According to all I have read, there should be no lifting or bending and activity is limited for many weeks after the surgery. I am wondering if anyone else here has had this done, and what type of preparations can to be done to help you once you get home. Are transfers out of the question? I live alone, and my family will not be available much to help. Any suggestions, please?

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    I had one last year an open procedure. Transfers were pretty painful but not out of the question. I stayed in the hospital i think it was about 3-4 days then came home and by choice remained in bed for maybe another couple of weeks only getting up to eat and do bowel program. That being said it was an open procedure so mine was a bit complicated and i also had complications afterward. As soon as the pain is controlled get up every couple of hours to build strength back up.

    suggestions grocery shop for easy to prepare meals like soup sandwiches tv dinners that kind of stuff before surgery. Maybe get a mini fridge and put next to you keep drinks and maybe some sandwich stuff in there
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    Are you having an abdominal or vaginal hysterectomy? For what reason??

    Can someone assist with transfers?? You need to transfer in such a way that your perineum is supported and you are not doing a lot of trunk elongation (so no push up weight shifts either). A lift can be used as long as it supports you there, and a slide board can be used as long as you have help.

    You may need to limit sitting time though and get up more often for for shorter periods of time daily initially. I would be very careful about staying on total bedrest without discussing this with your surgeon first, as that can significantly increase your risks for developing a DVT in the post-operative period (a risk even for AB women having uterine or pelvic surgery).

    You should also mention how you do bowel care to your surgeon as they may want you to limit the use of digital stimulation post-operatively.

    Any way you can get some limited home health agency assistance in your home for the first couple of weeks? Do you have Medicare?


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    I saw my gyn today. We have decided to give ablation a try first. Although we are not sure it is going to work, my doctor thinks that there is a good chance that it will work. This has been ongoing. I have been having very heavy bleeding, so about 6 months ago I opted to try the Mirena. It worked up until last Thursday. Thursday morning, while in the shower, it completely dislodged. Along with it came blood clots the size of grapefruits and very heavy bleeding. One Clot was about the size of the opening of a toilet seat. I have to say, it was one of the scariest moments in my life. To see something like that come out of you is not something I will soon forget.

    I went to the Er, where I was given medication to stop the bleeding, until I could be seen today. I have a history of blood clots and there is also a risk due to my Sci. When I had the Mirena placed, I was very anemic, but my levels now are within the low normal range. So, there is some urgency to figure this out. I had a cat scan while at the ER, and two fairly large fibroids were seen. One is 7cm and the other is 6.5cm. There are also several small fibroids, but the 7cm is the one she believes is causing the bleeding. I am scheduled for the ablation Thursday morning at the hospital, under general anesthesia. After that we can discuss another procedure to remove the fibroids themselves and whether or not I am a candidate for that. It is a procedure that involves stopping the blood flow to the fibroids. I don’t know too much about that yet. Please send some well wishes my way. I hope this ablation works.

    One question I forgot to ask: will/can the fibroids continue to grow after the ablation?

    Thank you both so much for responding.

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    The answer to your question is complicated however i was told as long as they have blood supply they will grow. It depends on how much of the lining is destroyed during the ablation i think. For your sake i hope it works, but with me it didn't thats why we went the hysterectomy route. I was also told on here not to have it done, i was having tons of bleeding as well and was having low blood pressure attacks with it as well. Good luck on thursday i will say a prayer it works!
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    Ablation works for many, and it is a good idea to try that first if possible rather than big surgery. Good luck with your procedure, and keep us updated on your progress.


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    Thanks very much. I will keep everyone updated. I trust my doctor too, so that helps.

    Smasms, If I do get an answer about the fibroids, I will post it here. I hope I remember to ask. Sorry you had to go the hysterectomy route. Thanks for the prayers.

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    Mine was vaginal - much less recovery time, risk of infection etc. It did not fix my leaking, but it did fix my prolapse, though I was warned that prolapse will come back within 15yrs.

    Looking back, I wish I had been put in rehab for six weeks which is what the doctor wanted .. but a nurse manager felt differently and I had the surgery on a Tuesday morning and was out by Saturday morning. They based me on walking people and had me transferring to my chair by Thursday morning ... you can't leave until you have a bowel movement (I had to go down the hall as the patient rooms' ones weren't accessible).

    My brother picked me up in my car and took me the 4hrs home ... when I went to get out of the car, I screamed - even on the transfer board. I know I had to check my bowels that night and took 2hrs to work up to the transfer, which hurt like hell. I was sore in my abdomen (reflexive pain?) for a good solid week and it took another week before I started to feel like myself again.

    I don't now miss Aunt Flo - that's for sure! Warning though - my vage looks like a freaking Alien from the movie - I swear! It's not pretty that's for sure.
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    Wow, you went through quite the ordeal! You must be glad it is over. I can't want to say goodbye to Aunt Flo either! She has definitely overstayed her welcome. lol It sounds like rehab might have helped you some. That is the way insurance works. We are not looked at as individuals. I don't understand that. I have to be thankful that I have some insurance. So many people don't have any. I don't know if you read that right now I am only scheduled for an ablation, not a hysterectomy, so after a few days I should be good as new, so to speak. If this doesn't work then the hysterectomy would be my next option. My doctor is somewhat optimistic that it will work. Fibroids are a funny thing, they have a mind of their own. Only time will tell. I'm getting antsy about tomorrow. I'll be happy when it is over.

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    I don't now miss Aunt Flo - that's for sure! Warning though - my vage looks like a freaking Alien from the movie - I swear! It's not pretty that's for sure.
    Thanks for the visual.

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