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Thread: Anybody use DME Hub?

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    Anybody use DME Hub?

    Has anyone ordered stuff from these folks? I'm looking at vinyl coated handrims and theirs are cheaper than Sportaid after everything's considered, but I've not used them before. They'll cut and smooth short tabs for free and their shipping is free. Sportaid charges $20 for cutting them off and $10 for shipping. The DME Hub's are 2.76lbs for two and Sportaid's are 2.2lbs. Go figure! They're both aluminum. DME's are $115 and Sportaid $110. Sportaid says on their site that they'll beat any price and they HAVE, but not with the added stuff. I realize this isn't earth shatteringly important, but any advice will be appreciated.
    I WAS going to go with better handrims but decided I could buy two of these for what the others cost and these work fine for me. Thanks all!

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    Price challenge the other venders and see if they will compete. They might want to get your business.
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    Hey Lynne

    I used DME hub for my manual chair brake, it cost $50 and $15 for shipping bc i'm in canada The part was exactly what I ordered and came on time. My only complaint was that it came in a large box too big for my mailbox so I had to go to the post office to get it bc i wasn't home when they delivered it. All in all I'd say they are cheap reliable and honest.

    Good luck and hope everything works out for you. =)

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    Thanks nonoise and mikeyb. I'm working on it and I'll let you know the result. Sometimes this stuff is like pulling hen's teeth!

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    Good news. Sportaid met DME Hub's price and waived cutting tabs and shipping fees. Not a huge amount of savings but with me every bit helps! Thanks again, nonoise for encouraging me to pursue this.

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