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Thread: quad gamers xbox one

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    quad gamers xbox one

    Hi Guys,

    I reached out to LP Accessible Technologies about the xbox 360 announcement that they were going to stop support soon and did they have any plans in the works for xbox one. Here is there response:

    Kaylin Winkelmann Vice President at LP Accessible Technologies LLC

    Hi Kevin!
    How have things been? We are planning on eventually making a new version of the LP Pad, however, we have found a solution to make the current LP Pad compatible with the new Xbox One and other counsels. We have been recommending a CronusMax adapter for those wanting to play on the Xbox One. You can find this adapter at We have bought and tested this adapter and it works with the LP Pad. In addition to the CronusMax, you would have to purchase an Xbox wireless adapter; these are about $12 on eBay. I hope this helps and I hope all is well!
    Take care,
    So if you have an LP pad, and have the extra cash for an xbox one currently 399 you have some options.
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    Thanks a ton for sharing Muskie---all of my daughter's friends on 360 are migrating over to Xbox One and she uses the LP Pad. She just pre-ordered a One (special package of some kind, probably has to do with Advanced Warfare?) and said she was going to do what she could to interact with everyone. This must be fairly new from the LP Pad crew because we contacted them too about a solution.

    You have just made her day! Coincidentally, we happen to be in Phoenix right now looking at colleges for her.

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