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Thread: All Terrain Handcycle in Soft Sand

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    All Terrain Handcycle in Soft Sand

    Does anyone have experience with the Top End CC or Lasher ATH in soft sand? I'm looking for a second handcyle (already have an RX) with a more upright set up that I can use to ride with my family and access trails, the beach, and maybe even the snow. I'm pretty fit T6 para, would the Bionx system make a noticeable difference in sand?

    I'm hesitant to make such a big investment without proof that it can actually work. Thanks

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    Ask yourself how many typical mountain bikes you see riding in [soft] sand or snow. Probably not many. Tires are still too narrow and they sink. That said, fat bikes are changing the game. Look at ReActive Adaptations' stuff. The Nuke is the upright recumbent. The Bomber is a kneeling model. Jake (the builder) has done several with fat tires, largely for snow use.

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