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Thread: Dragon NS problem

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    Dragon NS problem

    I keep getting a message "One of Dragons scheduled tasks is running. You can't use Dragon at this time." It's been 2 days now. Troubleshooting ideas?

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    This may sound silly but try restarting dragon. I use my iPhone for the microphone not a headset. So I also reset my app when that happens. Sometimes I have to do it a few times. I'm not sure why it happens.

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    This is a bit dated now but if any others run into this problem perform the following -

    Go to Task Manager and look on the Processes tab for something called "Dragon Service..." in the right-hand column. The image name will be called something like "dgnsvc." (I'm sorry to be nonspecific, but it's not running on my machine, so I can't come up with the exact name.) Click End Process, and say OK to the dire warning which ensues. That should enable you to open Dragon. Once you do, close the USER (not the program), then click on Tools > Administrative Tools. On the Scheduled Tasks tab, correct (or uncheck) any scheduling you have lined up in there.

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